Visits for all your pets

Pet Sitting

We visit your home
No need for boarding
Care in a place they love

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We’ll come Play. While you’re Away

Anytime of Day Visit

Save when our sitter checks in with your pet anytime. $22 for 25 minutes

Pet Sitting

You tell us the best time for scheduled visits and we’ll be there. $25 for 25 minutes.

ONLY HAVE ONE CAT? Visits are just $20.

Extended Visit

Get more time for extra snuggles and attention. $40 for 45 minutes.

Hound Hike

Release every bit of energy with time at a dog friendly trail. $60 for 90 minutes.

we provide

Care for your pet and your home

√ Pics of Pets Happy @ Homes

√ Garbage/ recycling to curb

√ Plants & garden watering

√ Attention to your instructions

√ Mail & package collection

√ Clean pet area

√ Complete peace of mind

√ Home security check


Use your smartphone

Quick scheduling

We say YES! Our sitters are available 365 days/ year.

Detailed Updates

Receive real time pics & updates in the App.

Easy payments

Secure online credit card processing.


We are a family run business and we consider our clients, both humans and pets, to be part of that family.

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