we will be the watch dog

Overnight Visits

A full 10 hours overnight
Home AND pets all secure
In good hands all night long

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Tummy rubs & a Movie. Everyone rests Better.

Overnight Stay

We’ll stay a full 10 hour night for just $92, keeping watchful eye over your home and more importantly, your pet!

Add Day Visits

Choose from a variety of play packages to keep your pet entertained during the day. Visit Pet Sitting or Dog Walks to view options and prices.

we provide

Care for your pet and your home

√ Pics of Pets Happy @ Homes

√ Plants & garden watering

√ Attention to your instructions

√ Mail & package collection

√ Clean pet area

√ Complete peace of mind

√ Home security check


Use your smartphone

Quick scheduling

We say YES! Our sitters are available 365 days/ year.

Detailed Updates

Receive real time pics & updates in the App.

Easy payments

Secure online credit card processing.


We are a family run business and we consider our clients, both humans and pets, to be part of that family.

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