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Do you take my pet to your home?
We feel that the best place for your pet is in his own home on his regular routine. We come to you! You don’t have to transport your pet during narrow drop off and pick up times, no stress on your pet dealing with strange smells and sounds and happy tails wagging upon your return.
Who will be coming over to take care of my pets and my home?

When you sign up for Athens Pet Sitter services, a member of our team  will come to your home to meet you & your pets, to confirm that all required information is included in the instructions and to see the routine. This is called a Meet & Greet. After that, sitters are assigned to you based on your needs and location. Each of our sitters have clean background & reference checks and are fully insured & bonded. We work as a team to ensure that your pets are Happy @ Home!

What does a Pet Sit consist of?
We call our pet sits visits. A visit is each scheduled time we come to your home. Most people find a 25 minute visit sufficient, though we offer 45 minute visits and overnight visits as well. During a visit, APS will feed, medicate, walk, clean-up after, and love each of your pets according to the instructions you provided through our online system. Your visit is complete when your sitter sends you a pic through our online system. As a courtesy, we also check for packages & mail, keep your trash & recycling on routine, and water up to 5 plants.
How do I know someone came to my home and followed my instructions?
Our online system allows you to communicate with your sitter in real time. See your scheduled visits on our calendar and pay via paypal or credit card. At each visit, your sitter will email a quick note and usually a pic of the fun your pets are having safely at home with Athens Pet Sitter. When you get home to a relaxed pet, a swept litter area and neatly stacked mail, you will know your pets and home were handled with care.
What about my garden and/or house plants?
Our goal is to allow you to travel worry free. If coming home to a well tended garden is just as important as well cared for pets, then we can help. Some ways previous clients have handled this: extend a 25 minute visit into a 45 minute visit giving us time to water a small garden, or adding an additional visit to focus on watering. Please include watering directions on the details page of your instructions and point out what is needed during initial get acquainted visit. Client’s have drawn maps and placed flags which is very helpful!
What kind of animals do you pet sit?
We have done farm visits with chickens, goats, horses, llamas, even a donkey.
We have pet sit birds, rabbits, chinchilla, sugar gliders, iguanas, bearded dragon, snakes, rats, frogs, fish, guinea pigs, pocket pets, lizards, & ferrets.
We have walked and scratched behind the ears of just about every breed of dog and cat.


Do you schedule service in my area?

Athens Pet Sitter covers much of Athens, Bogart, Statham, Winterville, Clarke County, Oconee County and select Winder addresses. Please include your address early in the onboarding process and we will let you know if we do not have a sitter near enough to your home to serve your address. With gas prices at +$4/ gallon we keep our sitters as close to home and other clients as possible. We have little availability south of Jittery Joe’s in Watkinsville. We have no service available in Oglethorpe or Madison County.

How early or when do I need to schedule service?

Before your first service, it is best to schedule your Meet & Greet several days in advance. Our online system allows you to make reservations 24 hours/ day 365 days a year. If you need service with less than 24 hour notice please call/text APS directly. 706.254.5232 There is a $10 per visit fee for all visits with less than 24 hour notice but we can often accommodate last minute requests.

How do I pay?
Payment is expected before each set of visits begins. You have several options for your convenience: leave cash / check on your first visit. Pay via credit card or PayPal through our system – TTP. Please specify your preference at get acquainted visit. If you plan to leave payment but forget, you can pay through TTP.
What are the times my pets can be visited?

Our staff are available for 25 or 45 minute pet sits from 7am – 9pm. You can schedule visits within blocks: Morning 7am-9am, Midday 11am – 2pm, Dinner 4pm – 6pm, Evening 7pm – 9pm. Overnight visits are also available and include 10 hours overnight from 9pm – 7am. Holidays have very limited availability. We are closed Thanksgiving day 10am-5pm and Christmas Eve 5pm until Christmas Day at 5pm. Holidays fill very early and there is a $10 holiday fee on holidays and days surrounding holidays.

What if I need to make changes to the instructions I provided on the Time To Pet App?
It is easy to adjust instructions by logging on in your secure TTP portal anytime. The office and the sitter assigned to your job will get a notification email of any change made. When we confirm scheduled pet sits, you will be reminded to double check your instructions for up-to-date accuracy.
How are keys to the house handled?

AAAHH keys! The bane of a busy pet sitter 🙂 After 15 years in the pet sitting business, we have found a solution. 2 keys are requested at Meet & Greet. One goes on file in our office. The other is placed in a lockbox in an obscure location on your property in most cases. Lockboxes allow us to handle even last minute requests. If you have a door code or garage code, we only need one key as a back up. If you live somewhere that doesn’t allow for a lockbox to be kept out, you can place your lockbox on your door handle when you depart. We can’t carry keys, garage openers or other remotes with us. Access to your home must be at your home when we arrive. Lockboxes can be purchased at www.athenspetsitter.com/shop and delivered directly to your door before you Meet & Greet.


Can you medicate or provide therapy to my pet?
All staff are trained in giving oral, topical and injected medication. We have practiced vet prescribed therapy with a recovering golden retriever and even tube fed a cat due to cancer. We will follow the instructions you provide. We are familiar with diabetic & anxious pets.
My dog has a lot of energy. Can you help?
Athens Pet Sitter offers exercise visits. During this visit, we can do activities that wear your dog out. Some popular ways: running, frisbee, fetch, water hose play. This is a great time to get personal attention on your dog’s favorite activities.


My neighbors will help with my pets. I just need you to cover a few visits.
Athens Pet Sitter has a strict no job sharing policy. We feel like your home and pets are our responsibility while you are away and we can’t control what someone else does unless they are on our staff. Even simple things like, did she get all her “business” done, gets lost when multiple parties are involved. We are not trying to be difficult, we take the care of your pets and home seriously.


What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

A Non-holiday Cancellation Fee is charged to your card on file if you cancel within 48 hours of your first visit in the amount of 20% of any visits that fall within that 48 hours.

Holiday cancellation fee: The 20% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if cancellation is made within 7 days of first visit.

Overnights cancellation fee: The 20% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if cancellation is made within 7 days of first visit. 



Do You Offer Discounts?
Discounts are available for Daily Dog walking clients that commit to at least three walks a week, Monday – Friday 9am -2pm and pay their invoice for the month in advance.

We are a family run business and we consider our clients, both humans and pets, to be part of that family.

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